Living History Connection


Living History Connection

            Here at the Weston Public Library we have been busy organizing our local history room. 

            Weston Public Library has a rich history in the community for sharing what we know of the past with those who are living in the present. We have received many historical artifacts over the years and we are excited to be able to have a place and a way to archive and maintain these items for public use.

            Part of the process has been sorting through many donated pictures, scrapbooks, maps and clippings. Some of them are notated on the back as to who and what are in the pictures and some, sadly, are not.

            The week of January 24-28th 2022, we invite all residents to the community room to help us identify photos. You may come any time during that week during our “open hours” 10:00 am-4:00 pm. We will have our photos out for display and identification, with post it notes to jot down who (what) you think the photo is of. We will do this in a COVID-safe manner, always keeping the safety of our patrons in mind. If you have any questions feel free to call us! 419-669-3415.